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Few brave souls have journied so far...well okay of'em.


In Love with War

After her rather hasty leave from the Qualinost woods to the kagonesti forests, SkyLa found peace and happiness and freedom, for a while. Vixen would travel between this world and some other, never telling little Sky where she was going or why. So, the years passed. Sky slowly matured in the elvish manner, developing a keen mind and a taste for adventure, and men. Then Aeris Kalzar showed up. He was the Qualinost Ambassador to the Kagonesti, and he was sent to live in their main home, the same home where Sky and Vixen held residence. Aeris was young for such an important position, little more than 50 years older than Sky herself, which implied some important blood in his lineage. But, royal blood or no, Sky wanted him, and is was apparent to just about everyone that Aeris wanted her too. So, in the various holidays and main events in what passed for society with the Kagonesti, Aeris and Sky were thrust together, and appeared to be the perfect pair. Then, as part of the celebration of the first Vernal Equinox, a time of great power and rebirth among the Kagonesti, Sky and Aeris came together as lovers, needing from the other exactly what was offered. Stability and support from Aeris, freedom and wild spirituality from Sky. Some time later, and after the whole of Kagonesti pretty much new of their love, the Summer Solstice celebration was commencing. As SkyLa and Aeris were passionately kissing under the wide, high summer moon, a figure in soft yellow robes came upon them. The Speaker, for that was who the robe-clad person was, wrenched Sky from her lovers grasp and threw her to the ground. Much yelling and screaming commenced, and Aeris left chained by who Sky had learned was his father, the Speaker of the Sun. Two days later, while SkyLeah watched under dark, heavy cloaks, Aeris was hanged for treason among the elves by consorting with the enemy, namely, SkyLa. The war between the Kagonesti and the Qualinesti began that day as Sky fled back to the Kagonesti forests and one of her loyal friend Griffons. The very next day, Vixen came to Sky and took her, without word of explanation and likewise without word of protest, to that other land she had frequented.