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Quisalas's World of Peoples

SkyLeah WingWrath Kanan

SkyLeah WingWrath Kanan-Fiddlefoot

This is a picture of SkyLeah WingWrath Kanan-Fiddlefoot back as just little ol' SkyLeah Kanan in her younger days in the elven woods of Qualinost, when she was just a carefree maiden running around the woods and enjoying all that life has to offer. Since this carefree time, she has rarely donned a dress and has cut her hair much shorter. This was probably the last time she actually resembled her twin sister, Xandrya. In this picture, you can see the innocence in her eyes and the sweet youthfullness in her face. Based on this picture, you'd never even imagine the ruthless and hardened woman she becomes.

Alexandrya Anastacya Thalasa Kanan

Xandrya, Skyleah's very slightly older twin sister. Shown here basically as she still looks today, and as Sky once looked as well. You can see the resemblance in the pictures of the two sisters, even though they are depictions of very different times in their life. Although she had much less contact with her, Xandrya followed Vixen's example of the serene cleric to the letter. In fact, she took lessons from Vixen on fighting to become more like the dragon-maiden. Xandrya's time growing up was as serene and peaceful as this picture seems to present, due to the protective guidance of her father and mentor Merlin of Orshello.

Foxfire Vixen Anastacya Kanan Ruiz

Vixi body text

Sky's Silly Nitro Kat Creature

That cute little luvable bundle of fur and claws and teeth we all affectionately refer to as Nitro, the little lion cub, wasn't always a lion cub. Nitro came into existance about the same time Sky prenatally lost her son Tristan, Kaeana's twin brother. Sky had been playing with magic, and managed to create a cute little bundle of flame called a fire creature, a minor illusion, hence the name Nitro. That's actually a lot closer to what they are, illusions not true flesh and form creatures. Anyway, as SkyLeah lost her child, the soul or spirit of him somehow managed to get trapped in the form of the fire creature, giving it true life and the curiosity of a young child. This curiosity is what lent the figure of a lion cub to the creature.

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