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SkyLeah WingWrath Kanan-FiddleFoot

SkyLeah WingWrath Kanan-Fiddlefoot was born as just SkyLeah, a part-elf critter running wild around the woods of Qualinost getting into trouble. She was given, or rather, took the name Kanan with her Qualinost family and never knew her father or her sister. When her mother, Tantania Thalasa, a Kagonesti servant to the Speaker of the Sun left the realm of the mortals while Sky was at the very young elven age of 10 years, her employer took her in. Along with the Speaker looking over the small childe, was a healer, Vixen Anastacya Ruiz, who took the name Kanan in respect to the great spiritual leader of the Qualinesti elves they lived among. With the two of the looking over her during her young years, SkyLeah was destined to grow up into a finely cultured and brilliant young elf, right? Wrong. SkyLeah was forcefully removed from the relative sanctity of the Qualinost woods when she brutally attacked the very bigotted Speaker for not allowing Vixen to speak her mind at one of the most important meetings of the Elders of Qualinost, even though she was older than the rest of them combined, simply because she was not full elf. She was not, in fact elf at all. Anyway, fleeing the Qualinesti elves after her confrontation, SkyLeah, who had taken to being called SkyLa, went west, toword the Kagonesti, her mothers people. Here finally, both she and Vixen were accepted and fit nicely into the free lifestyle of these wild elves.

All throughout her childhood, the elongated childhood of an elf, Vixen would periodically leave and return, never speaking of her trips. It was not until much later, in the land of RhyDin and subsequent Orshello that she would learn of her twin sister Xandrya and her father, Merlin of Orshello. Throughout her life, SkyLeah grew up to be a violent, passionate woman, who was not one to be crossed, but she was not without a heart. Having had to deal with being a slave for many years and dealing with the many trials life (and men) have thrown at her, SkyLeah's emerged as a very strong woman with a quick and sharp sword (and dagger, and fist, and kick) and and even sharper tongue.

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