The Realm of Insanity
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Entering the Realm

"Call me Ishmael." The bent old man chuckled to himself. "I always wanted to say that!" he cackled. "Really, my name is Jeremiah. I will be your guide in this mysterious land of Orshello." With a broad sweep of one ancient gnarled hand he indicates all that lays before you. From the vast, shimmering plains to the dark expanse of forest, the snow capped mountains and tretcherous passes, shallow creeks, wide rivers, and endless seas Orshello is a land of mystery, of beauty, and of great magic.

A massive golden eagle circles over head, riding the thermals in the hot midday sun. The forest at your back is alive with birdsong and other forest chatter, and in the distance off to your right you catch the faint glint of the sun off the cold, deep waters of the river Linden.